50Faggots is the documentary web series on how individual, self-identified effeminate gay men survive and thrive in today’s queer communities. The series takes a sledge hammer to the pillars of American masculinity. Our first season rolls across the streets of urban enclaves nestled in Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York City. We share the stories of 10 gay activists, artists and educators.


Their perspectives unfold through 8 thematic webisodes, exploring what contemporary gay life might be outside of mainstream lifestyles. Audiences of our series are brought into the beautiful and complex worlds of midnight drag bars, gay political arenas, radical faerie communes, vogue balls, universities and Stonewall memories. 50Faggots is an intentional series with an intentional name. Our project is less concerned about what straight people think about us. Instead, we focus on how gay men treat each other and our LGBTQ communities. Our documentary asks audiences two important questions: “Who are considered the faggots of our own communities” and what is the importance and repercussions for asking ourselves “How gay do you want to be today?"